Titan Souls – Hit or Miss? There’s a lot of misses, but in a good way

Titan Souls – Hit or Miss? There’s a lot of misses, but in a good way

I have been very keen on this game for some time now and have only just played through. First impressions were of disappointment, but then I saw the magic.

It took about 5 hours of straight play time to finish Titan Souls. This is a single player pixel art designed game, made to challenge anyone and everyone. The main concept of the gameplay is you can only have ONE. In this case, your character only has one arrow, and infinite lives, thank god.

Now I say this is a single player game, but it is a blast playing with a friend. We smashed our way through taking turns with the controller, and non stop strategizing the best way possible to beat the current boss. Spoiler alert, there are 18 total bosses *cough*. A fair few had the same idea on how to beat them - aim for the sweet spot. And in the Yeti's case, I mean literal sweet spot... However, there were some damn challenging puzzles to figure out. But from what I found, it was mainly all about timing. And oh, what a sweet feeling it was when you finally got it right.

Titan Souls at most times gave me the same feeling I got from Dark Souls and Bloodborne - sheer triumph from hard work. But with that also came some disappointment when a boss was just so simple, it made me wonder “what was even the point of adding this boss in?”. It just felt like filler in the game. No one likes filler, or at least I don’t. But those weren’t the only times I thought that. Area design – it looks pretty, but sure is boring. There were only a few secrets hidden around the world, and maybe two or three puzzles you would need to figure out to get into a boss room. That to me just seems like a wasted effort. As I mentioned before, there are 18 bosses (actually only 17 you can fight). *cough*. Surely there was more room to fit in a couple extra area puzzles.

Something that I thought was missing throughout the game was collectables. I love collectables. But after the first credits roll, I realised that there actually is something to collect. New game modes. Oh baby. Hard mode (harder mode actually, it’s already hard thank you), only 1 life allowed, and no roll/run function. This is a fantastic idea for replay value, and for those masochistic challenge runners. I personally felt I had spent enough time in the game, and I wasn’t really considering going through it again, until...

The true ending. TRUTH *cough*. I see it now. I understand everything... Roll credits again.

I will say no more, but this is where the magic happened. It showed there was a lot more depth than initially thought. It’s easy to judge, but with patience and determination, you can find true gold in almost anything. This is a game I won’t soon forget.

1 Dec 2015 6:16 PMBrittany Mitchell