Star Wars Battlefront's Next DLC Bespin Out This Month

Star Wars Battlefront's Next DLC Bespin Out This Month

EA has announced their new DLC for Star Wars Battlefront is coming June 21 for all season pass holders, and two weeks later as a singular purchase. Bespin will bring new content including weapons, star cards, characters, maps, and a new mode. There's even a new vehicle you'll be able to fly around in throughout Cloud City and the Administrator's Palace on the new planet.

The new characters joining the fight are smuggler Lando Calrissian and bounty hunter Dengar. It has been revealed that Dengar will be the first playable character wielding a heavy blaster, the DLT-19.

Lando and Dengar both feature new traits that will give them unique gameplay abilities. Dengar is a villain that thrives on being in a fight. He wields the DLT-19, which makes him the first Hero with a heavy blaster so far. Lando is very skilled with a blaster too, but his greatest talent comes from knowing the odds and using tricks against his enemies.

Keep an eye out for more info coming soon...

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10 Jun 2016 9:56 AMBrittany Mitchell