No Man's Sky Release Date + Limited Edition Revealed

No Man's Sky Release Date + Limited Edition Revealed

Today has been a great end to the working week for sure! We've now FINALLY got a set release date for Hello Games' No Man's Sky! It will be released on PS4 and PC June 22 (for Australia at least) this year. Not long to wait now for the highly anticipated universe sized procedurally generated action RPG space adventure! (Whoa, what a mouth full)

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Amazing artwork *-*

Also just announced at EB Games Australia, a limited edition version for PS4 which includes a Steelbook Case, 48 page Art Book, Exclusive comic, Starter Kit (digital items for the game), and a Dynamic PS4 Theme, for only $114.95 AU.

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PLUS if you pre-order, you get an exclusive bonus Alpha Vector Attack Ship!

My most anticipated game of 2016 is cominggg! Eeeeeeee!

4 Mar 2016 11:07 AMBrittany Mitchell