My Most Anticipated Game of 2016

My Most Anticipated Game of 2016

Happy new year! Following up from my last gaming article, My Game of the Year 2015, here's my most anticipated game of 2016. Judging from the enormous list of fantastic looking games coming out this year, you'd think it would be mighty hard to choose just one to be the favourite. Lucky for me, that's not the case. But I am very excited to see how 2016 will compare to 2015. I think 2015 was an incredible year for gaming, and only the beginning of this new generation.

I have had my eyes set on one particular game since E3 2015. No Man's Sky blew me away when Hello Games founder Sean Murray showed their gameplay trailer (see video below). It was the second E3 they had attended, after their first very successful run with Sony in 2014, where the game was first announced.

No Man's Sky is a massively open world first-person online game set in an infinite procedurally generated universe coming to PS4 and PC. It's about exploration and survival, with absolutely no boundaries on where you can go. As you explore, the solar systems, planets, landscapes, and alien life are created around you. One of the main objectives of the game is to discover all of this. If you come across an unexplored planet, you may name it. You can also name the different alien species on this planet. You can also name the solar system in which this planet resides, if it has not been claimed already. Which is very likely.

Alomora64 blog no man's sky PS4 galactic map
This here is the galactic map of one tiny part of the universe. Every white dot you see here is a solar system, with it's own sun and orbiting planets. View the video above for a look at Sean's example of how big the universe actually is.

When you discover anything and upload the information into what is called a Beacon, you receive credits which is the ultimate currency of the game used to upgrade your ship, space suit, and your little gun. You can use this gun to blast apart planets to gain materials, which you can trade or use for yourself. You can also use this against alien life forms and sentinels, which are robot type beings that patrol and protect planets and its inhabitants. They are practically the law force in the universe.

No Man's Sky has blown away the audience. I can only imagine what hidden gems and unannounced features are waiting to be surfaced from now until it's release in June. What's more is the long running maintenance and editions that the small team at Hello Games will continue to add within their game - most, I'm sure, will be suggested by the community. Anticipation is very high. I can't wait!

Image credit: Hello Games

1 Jan 2016 5:02 PMBrittany Mitchell