My First Pixel Art Drawing With Krita

My First Pixel Art Drawing With Krita

Well I must say, I haven't had this much fun doing art since seventh grade when I drew a dragon for Japanese class! A few days ago I decided I wanted to create my own header for this blog. Then I thought, O M G, how good would it be if I could draw pixel art cats. THEN I thought, wait a minute, how about my own cats!

So I've spent all Friday morning researching and learning the basics of pixel art drawing in Krita. Krita is honestly the best digital drawing program I have ever used. It's open source and completely free, and the community is prime.

So I finished a draft of Jasper mid afternoon after running some errands. Then I decided to join Deviant Art and upload it! By now, I've posted a few more updates of both Jinxx and Jasper's images. Check out my profile here if you would like to see the progress.

I am super stoked with how they both turned out. As you will notice too, I have changed the blog header image. It's greatly annoying that this theme adds a dark overlay over the image, which takes away the vibrant colours of the original (as you can see in this posts main image). But I'm still happy with it.

I will definitely continue to practice pixel art, and other genres of digital drawing as well. I will post more of my art in Art Talk.

9 Jan 2016 6:46 PMBrittany Mitchell