Jinxx & Jasper Bio

Jinxx & Jasper Bio

I thought I might write a little bit about both of the boys this week, the similarities to their owners, and the differences between these two crazy cats. The lovely lady we bought them off was a retired Ragdoll breeder who had just moved to Australia. Just before she had planned to de-sex her female, she escaped. She was only out for half an hour, but that’s all it took. And hello five kittens! Three black short haired boys, one black fluffy boy, and one black fluffy girl.

My room mate Renae had planned to take the female kitten, but boy are we lucky she had already gone by the time we got there. She of course wanted the other fluffy boy. He was just snoozing, and stayed snoozing when she picked him up. I see now, he’s always been a lazy bum. The three other short haired boys were all looking a bit cautious. I decided to just point my finger out to see if any would come up to me themselves. Only one did, straight up to my finger to sniff. The others shied away. And it was as easy as that. Decision made. I called him Jasper.

Meet Jasper

Jasper at 8 weeks

Jasper grew to be quite smaller than his brother. He is a little bit shy with new people, some people he won't come up to at all. This seems to be when I don't like the person too. To people he's familiar with however, he loves to get cuddles from them. He is the most playful out of the two, and the one that shows the hunter instinct more, however he’s super submissive towards Jinxx. His favourite toys are baubles. I always leave at least one out for him after every Christmas. The tiny ones are his favourite. Probably because he can pick them up in his mouth easier.

Jasper is extremely cheeky, and shows everything through his eyes. Some times when he wants his toilet cleaned he will just sit and stare at me, silent as anything. He’s very patient. Even with his food. He will sit at his food spot and wait until I come up, not making a sound, then he’ll give a short meow just as I’m putting it down for him. As if he’s saying thanks.

Meet Jinxx

Jinxx at 8 weeks

Jinxx is definitely the dominant one. He’s loud, very social, lazy, crazy, and loves his food. When someone comes through the door, he’ll be right there at their legs, rubbing on them. Unless it’s the handy man with all his tools, he gets a bit spooked. I have no idea why. He is the definition of a scaredy cat. Getting jumpy at the most pointless things. Like big shiny balloons.

He has a bit of a foot fetish, especially men’s feet. Loves to lick them, and rub on them, and sometimes bite them too. When he wants something, he makes it known. He meows and meows and meows. Don’t even get me started with how loud he gets when his bickie bowl is empty. When it’s dinner time, he’ll be constantly talking to me in the kitchen while I’m getting it ready, rubbing on my legs and stretching his paws up the cupboards as far as he can reach. Completely opposite to Jasper sitting quietly in the corner.

The amazing thing about these boys is their bond. From when we got them, they’ve always played together, eaten together (they even used to eat out of the same bowl when their heads were little enough), sleep together, and I’m not kidding, they’ve peed together. I can’t tell you how funny it is to see them squish themselves in the kitty litter at the same time. But when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go.

Jinxx and Jasper are the absolute loves of my life.

12 Dec 2015 11:39 AMBrittany Mitchell