Star Wars: Battlefront's First DLC Outer Rim Reeled Me Back In

But only just clings on to my attention. Here's my opinion on the first expansion for EA's Star Wars: Battlefront.

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Star Wars: Battlefront Season Pass - Yay or Nay?

Help! I can't decide whether to purchase the Star Wars: Battlefront Season Pass before Outer Rim comes out tomorrow or just wait...

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Appendicitis and Netflix

It's been 8 long days since my last post. I think that's the first time since starting the Alomora64 blog that I've missed a whole week! Unfortunately I've had no choice in the matter as I ended up getting my bastard of an appendix out Wednesday night and have been recovering since.

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PS4 vs Xbox One - I Just Have To

I apologise for even thinking about writing a post regarding the PlayStation / Xbox war, I know people absolutely hate it even being mentioned! But I just have to express my thoughts on each console and why I prefer one over the other. I will try to keep this as positive as possible, I promise!

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Iconic Female Characters - Happy International Women's Day!

Happy International Women's Day! In celebration we've got a bit about each of our favourite, most iconic characters in film, TV, and video games.

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Black Desert Online - Lvl 18 Update

8 hours in and I am loving this game! The combat is smooth as hell, lag for us Aussies is next to nothing, and there is an abundance of stuff to do (even early on).

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No Man's Sky Release Date + Limited Edition Revealed

Today has been a great end to the working week for sure! We've now FINALLY got a set release date for Hello Games' No Man's Sky! It will be released on PS4 and PC June 21 this year. Not long to wait now for the highly anticipated universe sized procedurally generated action RPG space adventure!

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Black Desert Online MMORPG Released Today!

Hey hey, happy Friday everyone! What so many people have been waiting for, Black Desert Online is now officially live.

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