Diary Entry #7

Why I Have a Better Experience Playing Games Months After Release

There are obvious reasons why waiting months to play a game is better, and I would much prefer to wait out the hype, and create a completely personal and fun memory of my own.

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Guacamelee! Unfinished

Scrolling through my PS4 library, looking for a short indie game, I came across Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition. This action platformer was inspired by traditional Mexican culture and lore in regards to art style, story, and gameplay.

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Please Stop Me From Buying Any More Video Games

After buying a PlayStation 4 in February last year I developed a little bit of a bad habit. I bought soooo many games in 2015, a lot more than what I could put my effort into, which I knew at the time as well. This has put me into a sticky situation, since I have t-minus 11 weeks until Dark Souls III releases in April.

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Blade & Soul MMORPG Released Today - F2P or P2W?

Another free to play MMO for me to put half an hour into and decide it's not worth my time. But maybe this one will be different?

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January Book Week Summary

Wow! That was more successful than what I’d thought it would be! Thank you everyone for your interest in our posts. We had a lot of fun last week writing about some of the best fantasy we've read, but by no means have we even scratched the surface. We feel very passionately about reading and will definitely continue the trend of Book Week every month or two.

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Diary Entry #6 - Scratchy Post Kingdom

The day of reckoning, a moment of truth, the key to mastery.

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A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms - The Mystery Knight

At last, I've finished the first book I've picked up in many months. It was a wonderful journey that I'm sure to experience again. The Mystery Knight hit all those sweet spots which were present in the first novella. It brought back interesting characters, suspenseful action, and a unique sense of humour.

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A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms - The Sworn Sword

After a terrific start to George R.R. Martin’s prequel series, I immediately continued on to the second novella, The Sworn Sword. My excitement was churning at the prospect of another entertaining short story to add to my memory box, not to mention even more content from A Song of Ice and Fire series. I was ready.

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