Is it Time to Finally Give Mobile Gaming a Chance?

Is it Time to Finally Give Mobile Gaming a Chance?

A gaming platform I have not delved into very much is mobile gaming. One reason for this could be the nature of most games on mobile is too childish. Another could be that I’m still working an iPhone 5, which is on the smaller scale in comparison these days.

I definitely don’t get enjoyment out of the small screen. From accidentally pressing the wrong button, to squinting at the tiny writing, or not being able to view as much of the game’s environment as I’d like to.

There have been a few games I’ve really enjoyed. My favourite mobile RPG is Swordigo. It’s an extremely simple concept which draws inspiration from the old Nintendo 64 Zelda games. Its platform design makes it easy to move throughout the many areas, while fighting all sorts of creatures with the simple control layout. I have not found a game on the app store close to the experience I’ve had from this sword and magic adventure.

Another game I’ve enjoyed but unfortunately got bored of quickly was Fallout Shelter from the famous Bethesda developers. This game won many awards for its impressive uniqueness and creativity. The best thing about it is you can run a community of vault dwellers from the classic Fallout games. It includes iconic characters from the series, weapons and outfits, and even Deathclaws!

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Fallout Shelter's first major update brought Deathclaws and Mr. Handy!

These games don’t last long however. I don’t think I’ve spent more than 10 minutes straight on a mobile game. Nor ever finished story lines. Although most of the apps I’ve played are simulation / puzzle games that don’t really have an ending like The Sims, The Simpsons: Tapped Out (A+ game by the way), Unblock Me, WordBrain, etc. Out of all the apps I have tried, they all just feel like time killers while you’re waiting for a doctors appointment, or you’re bored on your lunch break.

Can mobile games ever give the satisfaction of a great game experience like PC or console games? I certainly believe the smart phone hardware these days is very capable (have you heard Final Fantasy IX is on mobile now?). Maybe it’s the paid games that I’m missing out on which go to new levels? Perhaps I’ll keep an eye on the Free App of the Week until I get the courage to open my wallet.

19 Feb 2016 10:30 PMBrittany Mitchell