Iconic Female Characters - Happy International Women's Day!

Iconic Female Characters - Happy International Women's Day!

Lara Croft - Tomb Raider

Lara Croft, the most popular playable female character in a video game series ever. She is one tough chick. I'm late to the Tomb Raider ride, only having just played my first, Tomb Raider (2013). Instantly, Lara became one of my favourite characters I had ever played. The reboot developed by Crystal Dynamics brought to life her origin story like never before. She's beautiful, intelligent, and athletic. As an archaeologist-adventurer, she gets her first taste of tomb raiding. I am yet to play the second edition of the reboot series, Rise of the Tomb Raider, but I am looking forward to continuing her enticing adventure into even bigger environments. She's sure to stun again.

Lexa - The 100

If there is any woman that inflames the fire within, it is Lexa. As the Commander of a dozen tribes, she is most certainly the biggest leader in CW's The 100. She's harsh yet reasonable, strong, and beautiful. Her character has one of the best developments I've seen in a recent TV series. Even though she wasn't a series regular, she was the most memorable yet. If there is something The 100 does right, it's female leads. They have portrayed every female as strong and independent, equalling their power to men. If you have not seen this show before, watch it now, and look out for Clarke, Raven, Anya, Abby, Octavia, Indra, and of course Lexa.

Hermione Granger - Harry Potter

Hermione is such a fantastic role model for girls everywhere, she definitely was one of mine growing up. She is of course exceedingly smart but she's also tough, never afraid to get her hands dirty and is always head on into the action. Hermione is a very strong woman who is never afraid to speak up for what she believes in. From the moment she punched Draco Malfoy directly in the nose I knew she was one to be reckoned with.

- AlexJaq

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8 Mar 2016 7:34 PMBrittany Mitchell