Get Your Star Wars: Battlefront Free Gifts Tomorrow

Get Your Star Wars: Battlefront Free Gifts Tomorrow

To celebrate Star Wars Day, May the Fourth, EA are giving gifts to all Star Wars: Battlefront players on PC, Xbox One and PS4. They are also allowing anyone to access a free trial starting tomorrow only.

Logging in to Star Wars: Battlefront on May 4 grants your account 4,444 credits (that’s a lot of 4’s). You can then use these free credits to get the band new Hutt Contract coming out the same day to unlock the Bacta Bomb Star Card. This unique Star Card provides a health boost to you and your team when activated.

Starting May 4 11:00am PT (early on May 5 for us Australians), Origin is offering a free four hour trial for anyone by going to You will only be able to play the base game; the trial does not include recently added Outer Rim content.

Not interested in Battlefront? No worries, EA also has special May the Fourth gifts for MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, and mobile game Star Wars: Galaxies of Heroes. Check out more info here.

May the Fourth be with you!

3 May 2016 2:04 PMBrittany Mitchell