E3 2016 - Microsoft Press Conference Recap

E3 2016 - Microsoft Press Conference Recap

For the Microsoft E3 2016 recap, I will only reiterate the biggest announcements we saw, as there was a LOT of new information. Here's a quick overview of the rest of the show:

Some brand new reveals I won't mention in full below include Killer Instinct Season 3, Forza Horizon 3, Tekken 7, Dead Rising 4, State of Decay 2, and Halo Wars 2.

We saw the first ever Final Fantasy XV gameplay demo on Xbox One called "The Trial of Titan" which saw Noctis and his friends go up against a gigantic titan. There was also an update on The Division's upcoming expansion Underground, set to be released first on Xbox One starting June 28.

Minecraft is getting new updates for cross-play, dedicated servers, and add-ons. Indie game Inside has been given a release date of June 29, along with it's predecessor Limbo becoming free of charge on Xbox One for all players. And finally, a world premier gameplay demo of Sea of Thieves showcased online play with three pirate crews full of real players.

Now for the biggest announcements and updates:

Xbox One S

The show kicked off with an awesome reveal of the new slim console, which will be 40% smaller than the original Xbox One. It will ship with up to 2TB of internal storage and an integrated power supply. Performance has improved with HDR gaming and 4K ultra HD video and blue-ray.

The sleek white console also comes with an upgraded Xbox One wireless controller with a textured grip and increased range for wireless and bluetooth.

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Gears of War 4

A new co-op gameplay demo was shown on stage along with the announcement that Gears of War 4 is coming to Windows 10 through the Xbox Play Anywhere program. Xbox Play Anywhere allows players to buy a supported game once and play on both Xbox One and Windows 10. Gears of War 4 will also allow cross-play between the two platforms for every co-op mode.

Also announced, a new Gears of War 4 exclusive Xbox Elite controller.

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Microsoft showed off a cool new trailer focusing on the different types of Corebot companions your player will have throughout the game. ReCore also finally has a release date! Coming September 13 to Xbox One and Windows 10.

Xbox One & Xbox Live Updates

Microsoft announced huge updates coming to Xbox One and Xbox Live.

Xbox One consoles will get all new features including background music, preferred language, and support for Cortana.

In even bigger news, Xbox Live is getting Clubs, Looking for Group, and Arena for Xbox One, Windows 10, and mobile devices. Clubs is similar to communities on PS4, and Arena is Xbox Live's tournament platform where you can sign up for tournaments from top publishers. Microsoft announced EA will bring their games like FIFA to Arena in the coming years.

Xbox Design Lab

"You design it. We build it."

Ever wanted your own customised Xbox One controller? Well, us Aussies will have to wait. US citizens can create one at xbox.com/xboxdesignlab and they will ship it right to you! Other territories will have their turn sometime in 2017.

Check out the announcement trailer for an idea of how customisable they are:

We Happy Few

The highly intriguing indie psychological horror game by Compulsion Games was shown during Microsoft's press conference with a new trailer. We Happy Few is a first person perspective game about a drug filled dystopian 1960s retro England. The player refuses to take the personality-changing drug Joy and becomes a Downer, realising the true reality around him.

We Happy Few launches on Steam Early Access and Xbox Preview July 27. Check out the E3 2016 trailer below:

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

From one of the most popular role-playing series ever comes the tavern card game Gwent. Developers CD Project Red have listened to their fans and given us a standalone Gwent game coming first to Xbox One and PC. It will include a single-player campaign as well as an online competitive multiple and will keep the same four factions from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Nilfgaardian Empire, Northern Kingdoms, Scoia'tael, and Monsters. Gwent: The Witcher Card Game will have a complete design overhaul along with new mechanics and new playing cards! You can sign up for the upcoming closed beta right now at playgwent.com.

Take a look at the reveal trailer below:


Alas, we still do not have a set release date for Platinum Games' Scalebound, but we got an awesome new gameplay demo showcasing 4-player co-op, and the biggest boss battle the developers have ever achieved. Scalebound is set to release on Xbox One and Windows 10 in 2017, now part of the Xbox Play Anywhere program.

Take a look at 5 minutes of brand new gameplay footage from E3 2016:

Xbox One Family

Not only has the Xbox One S been announced to join the family, but also Microsoft's Project Scorpio, the next and much more powerful Xbox One console coming Holiday 2017. It was revealed at the end of the E3 press conference that Project Scorpio will have an 8 core CPU, 6 teraflops (what's a teraflop?) of computing power, true 4K gaming, and high fidelity VR. Microsoft predicts this will be the most powerful console ever to exist, and right now, I'd have to agree.

That's it for the Microsoft Press Conference at E3 2016. Check out the full briefing right here via IGN.

16 Jun 2016 5:52 PMBrittany Mitchell