Diary Entry #9

Diary Entry #9


As you might know already, us cats cannot read. But that's okay, like we would want to anyway... We've found a better use for books. They are great tools for sleep, a hard brick shape that can be used as a pillow or simply an arm rest. If you have not tried this method before, I highly recommend it.

Alomora64 cat diary blog jasper sleeping on harry potter book
Jasper: ZZZzzzzzzz


Sleeping on books is all well and good, but they also carry a cat toy inside them. At least I believe it's a cat toy, what else would the humans use the dangle toy for? It's a fun time of swatting, biting, and pulling. Sometimes I can even crack the book open and the toy falls out. This is when my brother likes to drag it away.

Alomora64 blog black cat diary jinxx toy bookmark
Jinxx: thinking about it... >:(
28 Feb 2016 9:36 AMBrittany Mitchell