Diary Entry #8 - Locked Out

Diary Entry #8 - Locked Out


Naughty is my middle name. If I feel the house is too quiet, I'll scream until the humans start talking. If it's too still, I'll run a marathon through the house jumping on doors and windows until the human gets up to stop me. I just don't like the house quiet and still.

This morning is no exception. My brother is outside on the balcony dreaming of far, out of reach sanctuaries. One human is sitting quietly staring at a bright light, and another is washing their dirty, non-furry body. This calls for a little stir up. How many screens can I jump on before the humans realise? One screen, two screen, three screen, and door! Oh, it moved. It's the door that leads to the balcony where Jasper is. But it's closed now, and he is still out there. Uh oh, I better go sit quietly in the hall before he notices I locked him out.

Alomora64 blog cat diary jinxx on balcony
Jinxx the naughty kitty.


Hello? HELLO? Human, the door! The door is closed!

Why is no one coming? I don't like being trapped out here, it's not fun anymore! Heeeelpp! Oh finally! They heard my cries. And now I'm getting squished in their arms. It's okay human, it was my brothers fault, that wretched creature. I'm going to get him back good... After more human cuddles.

Alomora64 blog cat diary jasper locked out
Best way to get Jasper inside is to close the door on him. He hates it!
7 Feb 2016 11:37 AMBrittany Mitchell