Diary Entry #7

Diary Entry #7

Catastic photo shoot!

This week I've decided to include more photos than text in Diary Entry #7, as a sort of photo shoot. Over a couple of days we took a tone of photos for my room mates ("Mumma") portrait tattoo of the boys, and we got some damn good ones:


Is this thing on?
There we go. That's better. Does this light make my nose look big?
Maybe I'll just change a few settings... Oh damn, wrong button.
Okay, I'm done with this. No more posing.
No. I said no.


Was this the pose you were wanting? Mm that feels good.
This toy is very distracting, give me one moment...
Okay, got it!
*Sigh* There, I did it. Can I go back to playing now?

In the end we got the pose we wanted for Jasper, but Jinxx is still yet to oblige...

31 Jan 2016 9:58 AMBrittany Mitchell