Diary Entry #6 - Scratchy Post Kingdom

Diary Entry #6 - Scratchy Post Kingdom


The human has built a new tower for us. It sure is an upgrade. How big can these things get? My brother has been playing inside the big container it came out of for a while now. I don't think he's noticed they finished building it. This is my chance, to get to the top, to become the king cat of the scratching tower.

I jump onto the first level and knead my claws into the scratching post, stretching as high as I can. Mmm yes, this feels good – wait, I’m getting distracted. Eye on the prize, Jinxx, eye on the prize. Oh great, now my scratching has alerted my brother and he’s coming for me. No! This is my post! We scuffle like two.. well, two cats.. he bites my neck, I bite his neck. This is getting us no where. I push him out of the way and climb onto the second level. Yes, one more jump and I’m there. Just a quick clean of my leg... Okay, I’m ready. I look to the sky and – oh no, he’s already there. On my throne. How?! I didn’t even hear him!

Alomora64 blog cat diary jinxx playing with mouse
Taking it out on the pitiful mouse.


My brother’s a fool; always getting distracted, which what makes beating him so easy. Plus, I’m a better climber. He does not look happy, he’s swiping at my tail and trying to knock me off my platform. It is not so easy brother. I’ll just wack him on the head. There we go, that stopped him. Wuss.

And off he goes, over to the old tower. The human is starting to move my post to the big window. I refuse to unseat myself from my throne. They’ll just have to drag me with it. The sunlight shines through, making me sleepy. Jinxx jumps back onto his platform and accepts defeat. We both agree it’s nap time. Here’s to dreaming of juicy birds brother.

Alomora64 blog cat diary Jasper on scratchy post
Jasper victorious on his high throne. (Cheeky boy)
17 Jan 2016 9:19 AMBrittany Mitchell