Diary Entry #5

Diary Entry #5


Places I like to relax? Hard boxed objects, and human feet.

The humans brought out my cat box today. I thought it was weird they didn't bring out my brothers, not that it stopped him slinking into mine. I know, how rude. They are comfortable, and small, and dark. The best.

It turns out they didn't bring it out for me, or my brother. They put that squishy, cold, smelly, round shell thing that lives in the gigantic water tank in there. They must have taken it to the white place where they jab you with their human claws.

The smelly thing never came back with the cat box. But it still smells like it. They've left it on the floor so maybe I'll rub my scent in it tomorrow. The humans have turned off the lights and are getting snug in bed. Is it that time already? I better get in my spot at the corner of the bed. Why are you moving me to the center human? This is not right. Back to the corner. And again! Does she not understand I NEED to sleep on the humans feet. There we go, it's all about persistence.


A chill is coming through the climbing mesh from outside. Is winter coming already? No, it can't be, I'm still losing my fur. It has been very windy these past few days. I can mostly tell the weather is unusual when my brother goes a bit nutty. He yells a lot, then does laps across the house, jumping on doors and windows. And then yells some more. Even when the bickie bowl is full.

Me on the other hand, the cold makes me sleepy. The best heat source comes from the humans. I use them as a bed, their warmth becomes my warmth, it's magical. I also get lots of belly scratches. One human just slumped on the couch, now's my chance. Any position is comfortable, as long as we're touching.

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Sleepy Jasper on his Zelda blanket.
3 Jan 2016 9:37 AMBrittany Mitchell