Diary Entry #4

Diary Entry #4


Ohh it's so hot today. I can't get comfortable in my usual spot on the humans nice smelling washing. I'll try laying in the middle of the floor. No, this doesn't work either. How about my actual bed next to the clawing post. Maybe if I roll over on my back and stretch out. No, this is no use either.

Drinking will help cool me. I'll try the big water bowl today. The one that the humans tend to sit on daily. I like this one best because after the humans sit on it, they press down on the contraption that controls the water flow and they produce fresh water for me to drink. It's also very exhilarating to think that any second I could fall in head first. But I know I won't, my balance is second to none. Unlike my brother.


Scaling mummas dresser and pile of soft squishy toys is a meticulous activity that I take with great care. Oops, there goes one toy, and another, and another, and- hey, I didn't even touch that! Uh oh, I'm slippinggg, my claw grasp is - not - holding - me - here - OOMPH. I thought us felines were supposed to land on our feet?

My brother tells me I'm made of a different species sometimes, I suppose he's right. I could be related to that pesky dog. I mean, we eat the same dry cereal. I've even smelt tuna on it's breath.


Those cats are so silly, do they not realise you must only bark to get the humans to carry you to whatever place you wish. Can't blame them I suppose, they are much younger than me, much less experienced. Their barks are severely under developed. They seem to come out as some high pitched whining.

For now I shall bask in the sun and get some beauty res- WOOF. I hear a noise. WOOF WOOF WOOF. "PIXIE!", oh no, why do the humans not understand that I must protect us all from the evil people on the street. Where is my lover, I need to relax. Hmmm, where could you be cookie monster.

Alomora64 blog credit to Alexjaq for dog diary entry
Credit to AlexJaq for Pixie's entry.
28 Dec 2015 8:27 AMBrittany Mitchell