Diary Entry #2

Diary Entry #2

Jasper – 3:25am

It’s late! And I’m awake! Shiny ball here, shiny ball there, I must chasechasechase. I do not have enough. I see the shine, the tree holds the treasure. We must be careful, silent, ninja. *Tink tink*, got it! I wish my human was awake to play...

I know, I’ll carry the shiny ball into the humans cave, put it in a box, and smack it around, making as much noise as possible. Yes, I see a stir. A light shines, they grab the shiny ball! Yes, throw it, I must chase. YES chasechasechase.

Couch! Scratchscratchscratch. Shiny ball! Chasechasechase. Runrunrun and jump! Climb and climb some more on the door. I see a light, quick! Crash to the floor. “JASPER!” Uh oh, here comes the water spray...

I must stay silent, in the dark, until my human snores.

Jinxx – 11:00am

Zzzzzzzz... *Sniff sniff* That must be mumma, mmmm. Mumma will be happy I’ve kept her bed nice and furry while she’s been away. Humans must get cold without the protective layer of fluff.

She’s calling, but I must stretch first. And maybe a drink. Cleaning my lush coat has left me thirsty. The tasty fish inside my aquatic water bowl are entertaining as I drink my fill. “Bubba Jinxx”, I hear a door! The old enclosure is open, they must have forgiven my feeble attempts at escaping into the gardens below. The gardens that smell so good, where the birds come from, I’ve even seen slugs down there. Why don’t we have slugs up here? I think they would be a tasty meal. At least we get beetles, they are mighty fun to play with.

Quickly, while the humans are busy, this is my chance. Up on top of the enclosure railing, I must find a way over this bag of beans blocking the path to the ledge where the humans can’t reach me. Then I can make the leap of faith that no other cat would dare to do, well not my little brother any way.

“Jinxx!” Uh oh, act natural. Just sit. There, see? Nothing, I wasn’t doing nothing. Now I’m up, in their grasp, I don’t even have enough time to squirm and kick them in the face before they drop me back inside. And there goes the door, closed again. I must be quicker next time. Sleep calls. There’s a pretty smelling new pile of human coats on mummas bed, fur free. I might just fix that.

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So close, yet so far...
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