Diary Entry #1

Diary Entry #1

Jinxx - Day 3 of Sorrow

I’m feeling worried, why are the humans sitting out in our tiny outdoor enclosure. With that pesky dog. Hmm, that’s a tasty foot.

The breeze helps me calm my sorrows. It is now day 3, and no sign of mumma. I don’t think they are coming back this time. Demanding information out of the other humans lead to nothing. Although the bickie bowl finally got filled. They left it empty for half an hour. I thought, “this is the end”.

I’ve tried persuading my brother to jump down from the enclosure so then I can use his mangled body as a cushion for my fall, but he will not budge. Literally, he just lays there as if he’s lost all use of his limbs. Defeated... I will escape one day.

Jasper - Day 1 of Catmas

Oh sweet heaven, it’s so relaxing out in our outdoor enclosure- a bird! ... never mind, I’ve lost it. One day, I will have the strength to jump over this wooden wall, reach into the lush tree behind and grasp that juicy bird with my jaws. But for now, my human is not scented enough, I must rub on them. I must have pats. Oh yes. That’s good. I like that. Thank you.

My sweet human, who never leaves me. My brother just will not accept the better half of our sires. He is fixated on the other, always going into a deep state of depression whenever they pack and leave. He calls and calls, but there is never an answer.

I feel sorry for him sometimes, so we slumber on the humans bed. I think if he sucks in the scent enough, he believes they are still there.

For now I must rest. Last night was the first night of Catmas. The humans have put up the shiny ball tree early this year, I am thankful.


1 Dec 2015 8:49 AMBrittany Mitchell