Classic Games I May Never Let Go Of

Classic Games I May Never Let Go Of

There's a certain sense of bias towards your most beloved childhood games when they are refreshed into the present. The Doom reboot coming out this year for instance will surely spark nostalgia in long time fans of the famous FPS. For me however, it will be a brand new experience, but that's not to say I won't like it and reminisce great times with it in another 10 years.

I never experienced classic video games such as Doom or the Final Fantasy series. But there were ones I will always cherish like a favourite teddy bear. To keep this post marginally short I will only name my most loved, each from a different platform.

First and foremost: Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)

Hands down my favourite game ever, and probably always will be. My sister and I would have two saves each (you were only allowed four total save spots). We each kept one save spot for our main game which we would never overwrite, and the other save spot was for starting over whenever we pleased. I must have started a new game at least 20 times over the many years I’ve owned it. And yet I’ve still kept both mine and my sisters original saves. We each have collected 108 stars out of a total of 120. I think that was pretty good for a couple of 10 year olds! I haven’t touched my original save in a long time. Maybe soon I will go back and try and find the remaining 12 stars.

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Excitement starts here.

My first FPS: Halo (Xbox)

From a brand new console company came the legendary Halo series on Xbox, developed by the ever popular Bungie. It wasn’t the campaign and intriguing story that stood out to me, nor the lovable Masterchief. It was the competitive multiplayer matches sitting on the couch with my family, especially in the second instalment. I will never forget the race to the sword, and whoever got there first absolutely wrecked the rest of us. And I also won’t forget the many times I triumphed over my dad. Although I think he would want to forget...

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Halo 2 was the best for multiplayer with incredible maps. Image credit:

My first MMO: Runescape (2005-2008 versions) (PC)

While kids were putting hours of their leisure time into Club Penguin and Habbo Hotel, I was obsessively mastering my mining and archery in the medieval fantasy MMORPG Runescape. Playable on your browser requiring only Java to run, this was an easily accessed game. From the edgy graphics, to the excessive original music list, it became one of the only MMO’s I ever truly enjoyed spending my time on. I’m not too impressed with the current version of Runescape (Runescape 3), but being able to have a character on Old School Runescape (2007) and relax to Autumn Voyage while discovering the greatness again is super awesome. I am so glad the Old School community is alive and kicking to keep this game online.

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The good times.

I could go on about a tone of other games that I’m sentimental about like Jak & Daxter (PS2), Age of Empires (PC), etc; but maybe another time! What are your favourite games from your childhood? Let me know in the comments below!

13 Feb 2016 9:07 AMBrittany Mitchell