- Jinxx & Jasper Diary

My boys, Jinxx & Jasper, and their crazy cat lives.

Diary Entry #9

Last post for February Book Week: what books are really for.

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Diary Entry #8 - Locked Out

Brothers are so mean to each other, especially feline brothers.

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Diary Entry #7

Diary Entry #6 - Scratchy Post Kingdom

The day of reckoning, a moment of truth, the key to mastery.

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Diary Entry #5

Jinxx: Places I like to relax? Hard boxed objects, and human feet. Jasper: The best heat source comes from the humans. I use them as a bed, their warmth becomes my warmth, it's magical.

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Diary Entry #4

The one with that pesky dog.

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Diary Entry #3

How the Jinxx stole Christmas.

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Jinxx & Jasper Bio

I thought I might write a little bit about both of the boys this week, the similarities to their owners, and the differences between these two crazy cats.

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Diary Entry #2

No matter what time it is, Jinxx and Jasper are up to no good. Mischief managed. Happy Caturday!

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