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Submissions of art by Alomora64 including digital drawings, paintings or crafts.

Severus Snape Pixel Art Drawn with Krita

Check out my drawing of Severus Snape for my Harry Potter based pixel art game!

Continue Reading... 14 Aug 2016 6:54 PM

Book Pixel Art Drawn With Krita

You can check out the new pixel art drawing of a book for the Book Talk category on the Alomora64 blog!

Continue Reading... 1 Jun 2016 5:43 PM

A64 Video Game Controller Pixel Art With Krita

Here's the second pixel art digital drawing for the Alomora64 blog.

Continue Reading... 19 May 2016 7:00 AM

My First Pixel Art Drawing With Krita

Well I must say, I haven't had this much fun doing art since seventh grade when I drew a dragon for Japanese class!

Continue Reading... 9 Jan 2016 6:46 PM
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