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Personal and website related updates to Alomora64.

A64 Video Game Controller Pixel Art With Krita

Here's the second pixel art digital drawing for the Alomora64 blog.

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Alomora64 New Website Launch

We are finally here! The cog wheels are turning and we are up and running. How exiting, I finally have a place to fully express my intentions for this blog and this website as a whole.

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Appendicitis and Netflix

It's been 8 long days since my last post. I think that's the first time since starting the Alomora64 blog that I've missed a whole week! Unfortunately I've had no choice in the matter as I ended up getting my bastard of an appendix out Wednesday night and have been recovering since.

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January Book Week Summary

Wow! That was more successful than what Iā€™d thought it would be! Thank you everyone for your interest in our posts. We had a lot of fun last week writing about some of the best fantasy we've read, but by no means have we even scratched the surface. We feel very passionately about reading and will definitely continue the trend of Book Week every month or two.

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My First Pixel Art Drawing With Krita

Well I must say, I haven't had this much fun doing art since seventh grade when I drew a dragon for Japanese class!

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Alomora64 Blog Update January 2016 ā€“ Happy New Year!

Happy 1 month to the Alomora64 blog! It has been nothing but fun, especially blogging about the cats! Here's some updates on present and future plans for the blog.

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