Appendicitis and Netflix

It's been 8 long days since my last post. I think that's the first time since starting the Alomora64 blog that I've missed a whole week! Unfortunately I've had no choice in the matter as I ended up getting my bastard of an appendix out Wednesday night and have been recovering since.

I have been completely out of touch with the news on games / tv / books / film and only just starting to get my bearings. I was shocked to get an email from EB Games today about Pokken Tournement, which has officially come out today! Is it really over half way through March already?!

So all I've really got to blog about is Netflix. The latest shows I've gotten into, what I've liked, what I haven't liked, etc. By the way, I apologise if this post isn't up to my usual standard. I am blogging from my phone for the first time, while watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, not moving.

The Fosters

Since we've had to wait 3 long weeks till the next episode in my latest addiction The 100, Alex and I have been searching and searching for a series on Netflix that we haven't seen before and can keep us entertained till then. After days we finally came across The Fosters, a teen drama show about foster kids and family in general. Sometimes it's cheesy as hell, but mostly it is truly heart warming and certainly makes me feel grateful for having a family, and a big one at that.


Something that Netflix is wonderful for is all the documentaries in their library, especially the animal & environmental ones narrated by David Attenborough. These series are the best way to keep me sedated and calm when I'm sick. Not only David's voice, but also the music is incredibly calming, allowing me to drift off into naps quite easily, even if I'm terribly uncomfortable. Thank you Netflix very much for my medicine ;).

Just the usual movies thanks

It's difficult for me to get into a movie I haven't watched before. These days they can't hold me for longer than a few minutes, let alone 2-3 hours. Which is why I'm going to stick to the good old Harry Potter series on Netflix AU.

That's it for me today. I do have another Black Desert update post coming (started it before I went to hospital), but I will have to reorganise my thoughts on it as I didn't write any notes down!

Till next time :).

19 Mar 2016 4:13 PMBrittany Mitchell