A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms - The Mystery Knight

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms - The Mystery Knight

At last, I've finished the first book I've picked up in many months. It was a wonderful journey that I'm sure to experience again. Unlike George R.R. Martin's other novels, I found this book to be a fun, light hearted adventure that rekindled my inner book worm. The only books I can ever reread with the same joy would be the Harry Potter series. However, I think I've just found another.

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Without Gary Gianni's incredible illustrations, I think I would not have had the same experience reading A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms.

The last available story in the Tales of Dunk & Egg series was a massive improvement from The Sworn Sword, a tale that was ultimately a disappointment. The Mystery Knight hit all those sweet spots which were present in the first novella, The Hedge Knight. It brought back interesting characters, suspenseful action, and a unique sense of humour.

The tone of these characters predominantly sparked mystery and a sense of deja vu. One inquisitive knight, by the name of Ser John the Fiddler, was undoubtedly bold and charismatic; however, he gave me a feeling that his unusual kindness was untrusting. Another knight who sparked my interest was a resentful teenage boy who constantly boasted of his upcoming success in the wedding tourney, which turned out he wasn't kidding!

The main character, Ser Duncan the Tall, had yet again shown a different side to his personality. After being gallant, brave, and honest in the first novella; then acting like a sheep in the second, he became boastful and irrational, until finally coming to his senses after ungracefully getting his head smashed. I was taken aback by his new found wit, fearless strength, and the way he took matters into his own hands. He was no more “Dunk the lunk, thick as a castle wall”. Dunk’s squire Egg was his funny, smart, consistent self, which was a relief. I truly hope Martin writes a story during his time on the Iron Throne. I'm very curious about what he was like as a King.

After climatic, adrenaline pumping scenes, I was a little let down by the quick and mostly uneventful ending. But in all honesty, I was only left with utmost excitement for what’s to come. Martin left a nice little note at the end of A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms for his readers:

More travels and more travails await our hedge knight and his squire in the years to come. From Dorne to the Wall, their journeys will carry them across the length and breadth of the Seven Kingdoms, and even beyond the narrow sea to the Disputed Lands and the shining cities of Essos.

Along the way they will cross paths with lords and knights and sorcerers, and many a fair maid and noble lady, to write their names into the annals of Westeros, never to be forgotten.

But those are tales for another time.

It has been almost 6 years since the release of The Mystery Knight, the last book of the prequel series to A Song of Ice and Fire. I for one am eagerly awaiting the next story of Dunk and Egg, and their adventures. But I have a feeling it’s not going to come until Martin’s sixth book of the main series is released. There is a lot more excitement and impatience for that novel than any I've known before.

This marks the end of Book Week, as tomorrow I will post another Jinxx & Jasper Diary. I hope these blogs have enlightened and intrigued you as readers. We will definitely have Book Week again in the near future.

16 Jan 2016 5:32 PMBrittany Mitchell