A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms - The Hedge Knight

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms - The Hedge Knight

For the first time, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms (published October 6 2015) brings together the first three novella prequels by George R.R. Martin, set in the fantasy world of his famous novels, A Song of Ice and Fire. The novellas are accompanied by Gary Gianni’s illustrations. They are set approximately 100 years before the first official novel, A Game of Thrones, and follow the tale of Dunk – a hedge knight born from Flea Bottom of King’s Landing – and Egg – Dunk’s squire, who is actually Prince Aegon V Targaryen.

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Beautiful artwork.

The greatest element about Martin’s books is his impeccable character creation. This comes out the best in his first novella prequel, The Hedge Knight, where Dunk has just become a fully fledged hedge knight at seventeen and meets a bald boy nicknamed Egg. Dunk is the definition of what a true knight is supposed to be in the seven kingdoms. He’s honourable and strong, protects the weak, and is just and good. Come from unknown parentage, he was raised by another hedge knight Ser Arlan of Pennytree, and knighted by the man just before he died of sickness.

Egg is a young boy of about ten, yearning for adventure, and to become the best knight in all of the seven kingdoms. With a strange likeness for Ser Duncan the Tall, he becomes the knights squire, offering much of what Ser Duncan lacks – a strong intelligent mind. These two are one of the greatest partnerships to roam Westeros. The short story introduces many interesting characters into the history of the Seven Kingdoms, but none shine as well as Dunk and Egg.

As per usual of Martin’s story telling, The Hedge Knight was suspenseful and exciting. Action scenes were gruesomely written, with high attention to detail. Some scenes I actually flipped back over to read again, I enjoyed them that much!

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Every soon to be knight needs to know good steel from bad.

Before I purchased A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms I was in a bit of a dry spell with reading. However just half way through the first novella I was sucked right back into fantasy fiction, and remembered just how much I love to read this genre. It’s no secret that George R.R. Martin is a master here. If you are not sure about what to read next, read this book!

If you have a favourite fantasy book series, comment down below. I would love to expand my library!

As Book Week progresses I will post my thoughts on the next two novellas from The Tales of Dunk & Egg. Looking forward to sharing with you!

Image credit: Gary Gianni

12 Jan 2016 8:27 AMBrittany Mitchell