Diary Entry #5

Jinxx: Places I like to relax? Hard boxed objects, and human feet. Jasper: The best heat source comes from the humans. I use them as a bed, their warmth becomes my warmth, it's magical.

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My Most Anticipated Game of 2016

Happy new year! Following up from my last gaming article, My Game of the Year 2015, here's my most anticipated game of 2016.

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Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens Second Impressions

After seeing star wars for the second time I feel like I can finally express my thoughts on it. The reason I've waited is because I have a terrible movie memory if I've only seen it once. Although watching a stream of YouTube videos helps a lot...

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Bloodborne Legends

"Master Willem was right. Evolution without courage will be the ruin of our race."

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Diary Entry #4

The one with that pesky dog.

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My Game of the Year 2015

As a year in gaming goes, 2015 was incredible. This will come as no surprise to some people, my game of the year for 2015 is Bloodborne.

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First EVER Fire/Water Type Pokémon?!

It's rare, it's steamy, it's Volcanion!

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Diary Entry #3

How the Jinxx stole Christmas.

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Fantastic Beasts Announcement Trailer!

Everybody hold on to your hats, the announcement trailer is here and the count down has begun!

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