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Welcome to the female Australian gamer blog Alomora64. I’ve decided to build this blog as a hobby, with a collection of posts about my cats Jinxx and Jasper (see the Jinxx & Jasper Diary). I will also blog about gamesbooksart, and TV & film; from casual reviews, to interesting news.

“Alomora64” started off as my gaming tag. As far as I can remember I’m pretty sure I came up with it by scrolling through the range of example names for a WoW character about 5 years ago. The number 64 comes from the Nintendo 64, as this was my very first (and only) console as a kid. I still have it actually. Works like new. It will forever be special to me, as well as one of my favourite games Super Mario 64. Yahoo!


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About Jinxx & Jasper

The amazing thing about these boys is their bond. From when we got them, they’ve always played together, eaten together (they even used to eat out of the same bowl when their heads were little enough), sleep together, and I’m not kidding, they’ve peed together. I can’t tell you how funny it is to see them squish themselves in the kitty litter at the same time. But when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go.

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Book Week

Just a little thing that started in January 2016. Book Week composes of an entire week dedicated to articles of our most loved literature. You will find mostly fantasy fiction, as this is the preferred genre here. We will update the blog whenever a Book Week starts.

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